Who we are


RephineSourcing.com is a privately held, UK based company, launched by Rephine in 2018.

Rephine has more than 20 years expertise in regulatory and quality processes and is present in Europe, China, India and USA.
Rephine is a pharmaceutical consultancy company with focus on third party auditing with respect to GMP and GCP requirements, as well as on regulatory affairs. Rephine’s global team assists companies in their certification processes and API/FDF registration

Rephine continues to support and improve efficiency in the pharmaceutical industry by providing RephineSourcing.com.

Rephine’s services are underpinned by superior quality standards and longstanding relationships with our Stakeholders.

More info

Rephine - Industry Partner of the Year 2019 ! 

Rephine has been awarded the prestigious ” Industry Partner of the Year” award for companies that work with or alongside generics and biosimilars manufacturers and suppliers. 

As the leading pharmaceutical consultancy, Rephine provides both GMP and GCP auditing services as well as a wide range of clinical and regulatory services to pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology industries worldwide.

Rephine’s unparalleled support to the pharmaceutical industry has led to the award at The 2019 Global Generics and Biosimilars. Nominees for this category were from industry partners such as; logistics providers, contract research organisations, contract-manufacturers, law firms and regulatory consultants.

Dr. Rino Coladangelo, CEO at Rephine says: “Rephine is extremely honoured to be named the Industry Partner of the Year. It brings the Rephine team and me a great amount of joy to see the organisation recognised by its peers for its continual support to the industry”

What we believe

Quality is not optional

Reliability is key

Transparency is the only way ahead

Why use RephineSourcing.com

API vendor network

Vast network

  • We have an existing network of API Vendors worldwide
  • We help Buyers to access requested information
  • We can request missing Datapacks
API vendor collaboration

Close collaboration

  • We work closely with API Vendors who joined
  • We display information provided by them
  • We verify received documentation
third party audits

Reliability & Action

  • We perform many third party cGMP audits
  • We have unprecedented knowledge of pharmaceutical operations
  • We actively contribute to improve the overall quality level of APIs


RephineSourcing.com understands the importance of confidentiality and treats all information provided with complete discretion. The highest ethical and confidentiality standards are maintained at all times.