What is a DUS

The Document Update Service is a service provided to API buyers, which have already an established business with a given API supplier.

The buyer chooses the APIs from its portfolio that requires updates and subscribes respective DUSs on RephineSourcing.com.

Ex: for Midazolam from RA CHEM PHARMA LTD a buyer subscribes one DUS.

Each time any update occurs from an API manufacturer, RephineSourcing.com pushes automatically the latest version of the document to the Buyer.

DUS for API vendors

Why sell a DUS

The Documentation Update Service helps buyers to proactively keep their supplier records in Market-Authorization dossiers updated.

In fact, a customer rarely does this follow-up on proactive basis. Vendors are regularly urged by customers to provide a latest documentation.

The DUS takes over a low added value task from both customers’ and suppliers’ end.

Benefits for API manufacturer

The API supplier keeps its relationship with the buyer and benefits from the automated system provided by our system for documentation.

Thanks to embedded traceability system, Vendors get lists of updated buyers, on a regular basis.