What is a Datapack


It is a set of all available documents relative to one given API and one given manufacturer.

Ex: Midazolam from RA CHEM.

It is a specific sales opportunity for the Vendor, identified in real time. provides a detailed list of Datapack requests to the Vendor. It assists MARKETING and SALES teams in selling faster for less effort.

It contains documents related to production facility as well as to the API. collects documents, such as listed below, from the Vendor, processes relevant information into the system.

Types of documents required: cGMP, CEP, DMF, Specifications, MSDS, stability data, written confirmation, residual solvents statement, impurities statement, halal/kosher certificates, GMO statements, CMR statements,…


Why sell a Datapack


Buyers have instant access to information required to assess the quality compliance level of a Vendor.

A Datapack speeds up the selling process of about 2 months.

The buyer is reassured with the personal relationship between the Vendor and The service level towards potential buyers is significantly improved.


How is a Datapack released


Since a Datapack contains also confidential information, a specific process is put in place to ensure the Vendor keeps total control over the release of documentation.

This process also ensures the Vendor to be informed instantly about new business opportunities.


Benefits for API manufacturer

  • Significant increase of the service level to customers
  • Financial : up to 60% time saving in the dispatch of documentation
  • For the first time ever, the documentation dispatch is instantaneous and tracked



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