Vendor Services

, the first service with Quality-related information

Market APIs

Market APIs assists MARKETING teams

  • Makes API lists prominent
  • Promotes the Quality of APIs
  • Knows which APIs interest Clients
  • Provides periodic search activity reports
Increase API sales

Increase Sales assists SALES teams

  • Tracks real-time sales leads
  • Increases the conversion rate
  • Focuses on sales, not dispatching documents
  • Become approved Vendor faster
QA documentation delivery

Deliver documentation assists QA &/or REGULATORY teams

  • Creates a set of essential QA documents: “Datapack"
  • Sends QA document updates to Clients: “DUS
  • Delivers documents as Clients expect it
  • Maintains the confidentiality of documents


Time saving

Drastic time saving

  • Automate documentation dispatch
  • Update documentation proactively
  • Cut out low value tasks
  • Increase QA compliance level
Document traceability


  • Monitor document versions
  • Track documentation dispatch
  • Control the release of Datapack
  • View reports on visitor activities
Sales leads

Qualified sales leads

  • Identify projects in real-time
  • Get contact details of prospects
  • Improve contact with Clients
  • Know market activity
Financial benefits

Financial benefits

  • Increase prospects base
  • Convert qualified leads into sales rapidly
  • Earn money using RephineSourcing
  • Decrease internal costs, improved efficiency