API manufacturers seek to sell their products in relevant area of compliance. Yet selling process is long, exceeding two years, with high default in conversion rate.

Business opportunities
How to get tangible business opportunities ?
Increased sales
How to increase sales efficiently ?
Shorter selling cycle
How to shorten the selling cycle ?
Efficiency with documentation requests
How to avoid treating documentation requests one by one ?
Efficient delivery of Quality/Regulatory information
How to deliver all Quality/Regulatory information efficiently ?

provides the solutions.


Service provided

Marketing service


Make API lists visible

  • Promote the Quality of APIs
  • Know which APIs interest Clients
  • Receive periodic search reports
Increased sales

Increase sales

Track real-time sales leads

  • Increase conversion rate
  • Focus on sales, not dispatching documents
  • Become approved Vendor faster
API documentation delivery


Create a set of documents: “Datapack"

  • Get lists of updates sent to Clients: “DUS
  • Deliver documents as Clients expect it
  • Maintain confidentilality of documents

Add Content...

How does it work? simplifies the information flow for both API Vendors and Clients. is very intuitive and simple to implement.

Phase 1

Vendor’s internal process

Dialogue between Vendor &
  • Understand needs
  • Estimate costs vs. benefits
Decision go/no-go
Signature of NDA / agreement
Vendor provides all documents and information required for the purpose of the Services

Phase 2

Implementation processes information into the System
Vendor and APIs are accessible for qualitative search

Case study


Company Position

Company - Money saved
Company - Customers
300 received all relevant documentation for completing the Services.


Sourcing Activity

Sourcing - Money saved
> 22k€
Sourcing - Number of leads
# of leads
+ 30%
Sourcing - Time saved
Time saved