Premium access: Search & find APIs


A registered Buyer can

  • Search manufacturers (“Vendors”) for a given API
  • Search API lists of a given Vendor
  • Ask for assistance in the collection of documents, if not available in the system
  • Ask for a 3rd party audit report which is not available yet 


Once the search result is displayed, the Buyer can see whether Vendors have available CEPs, DMFs, third party audits and Datapack.


For subscribed Vendors, a Buyer can then

  • further investigate the detailed list of updated QA-documents available
  • visualize the content of the Datapack
  • request the DUS (Document Update Service)
  • request the existing third party audit


When information is missing, a Buyer may request interest in it, will contact the Vendor directly for

  • a Datapack
  • a DUS
  • a third party audit
Search & find Manufacturer APIs

How to subscribe is launching it's unique services. 'Self service' features will be added shortly, for the time being please take advantage of the introductory offer!

Please feel free to contact to discuss your requirements.

There are several possibilities:


How it works


Phase 1

Client’s internal process

Demo and understanding of the current context
Quotation: Premium access and no. of DUS
Decision Go / No-go
Order confirmation Payment

Phase 2

Implementation creates accounts for users, informs Client
Client starts saving time & money!

For further information, please view the Concept and Pricing pages.