What is a DUS

The Documentation Update Service helps Buyers to keep their Supplier records in Market-Authorization dossiers always updated.

Each time any update occurs, RephineSourcing.com pushes automatically the latest version of the document to the Buyer.

What is DUS (Document Update Service

This service is an option and can be subscribed for a given API and a given Vendor for a one-year period.

Ex: for Midazolam from RA CHEM PHARMA LTD.


How to subscribe to a DUS

RephineSourcing.com is launching it's new and unique services. 'Self service' features will be added shortly, for the time being please take advantage of the introductory offer!

Please feel free to contact RephineSourcing.com to discuss your requirements.

The Buyer can decide to subscribe to DUS, once registered

  • at the initial subscription for Search Access
    • Expiry dates of the services are the same
    • it will be considered in the global quotation
  • whenever needed
    • expiry dates of the subscribed DUS are rolling
    • it will be billed separately