API Datapacks


What is a Datapack?

A Datapack is a comprehensive set of standard documents required, at some point, for a supplier assessment and approval.

Ex: Specifications, CEP, DMF, cGMP certificates, ISO, MSDS, various certificates (BSE/TSE, aflatoxins, impurities, heavy metals,written confirmation, etc.

The documents stem from the API manufacturers. RephineSourcing.com regularly checks on updates with Vendors.

How to get a Datapack

Because the Datapack contains confidential information, a specific process is applied, using highest security standards. Permission for release of a Datapack is required from the manufacturer of the API in question. The permission request process includes the signing of a confidentiality agreement between the client and the API vendor.

How to get a Datapack
  1. Selection
    select one or more Datapacks of interest
  2. Request
    CDA is signed by client.
    Permission to release Datapack to Client is requested of API vendor.
    CDA is countersigned by API vendor.

    This process takes a couple of days
  3. Payment
    When permission for release is given, the Client proceeds to payment
  4. Release
    RephineSourcing.com releases the Datapack to the specified person.

For further information, please view the Concept and Pricing pages.